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Ms Opulence

On November 2, 2019 join us at Ms Opulence, a queer inclusive pageant that celebrates diversity with focus on a variety of LGBT issues. Attendants come dressed to impress in a formal setting. Table service and assigned seating make for an opulent experience.

Meet the Contestants


Kimora Amour

"I feel I embody everything Miss Opulence represents itself to be. I am passionate about giving back to the community, I believe in beauty, fabulousness, and I'm ready to show that I. Own. Everything."


Makenziiee Fab

"This is my first pageant in the drag arena. I live my life like this everyday, as a woman. I feel alive when I'm all dressed up, dolled up. I don't call it drag, I call it being a woman. I'm already Miss Opulence in my head."


"Perseverance seldom fails. I did my homework, watched clips, went to pageants and shows, I studied Toronto's queens. I believe I should be Miss Opulence because I am here to prove not only to myself but to everybody else that I am a fierce contender."



Ambrosia Woods

"I entered in the first year of Opulence and did not win- but as much as this pageant has grown, I have grown as well. I have all the qualities and am ready to fulfill my duties as Queen."

Pageant Categories

Meet the contestants for
the first time. Contestants will come out and introduce themselves and convince
the judges and audience to vote for them.



Contestants show off their talent in creating/recreating a swimwear that’s not only personal to them but captivating to the judges and audience alike.


Contestants vie for the undivided attention of the judges and the audience alike, displaying their most creative work. Every drag entertainer spends a great deal of time working on their talent and delivering it flawlessly.

Evening Gown/Q&A

Evening Gown is paired with Questions and Answers, where each contestant is tested on their knowledge of the LGBT community and social issues. This is where beauty, brains and Opulence is displayed.

About Opulence


Saturday November 2nd, 2019


519 Community Center

Church St, Toronto

Hosted By:

King Adé

& DJ BlackCat






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